Don't let unsightly toe nail fungus keep you in doors this season!

Another service that I provide is treatment of Toe Nail Fungus. Many people suffer from toe nail fungus and are embarrassed of their feet. Our laser can penetrate beneath the surface of the toe nail and attack the fungus. 

In 2011 the FDA cleared ND: Yag lasers for onychomycosis (toenail fungus) treatment. 

There are a multitude of treatment options for onychomycosis:

There is a topical treatment called Penlac, which is like nail polish that you put on everyday, and its variably effective.

There are various medications used, all of which have liver toxicity implications.

There are a number of home remedies, ranging from painting your nails with colloidal silver to soaking your feet in various concoctions that might include vinegar or tea tree oil.

The problem with most home remedies is that you're looking at a years worth of soaking your feet. The problem with most of the prescriptions is the liver toxicity.

The laser provides an interesting alternative. The laser works simply by heating the nail and nail bed. The heat kills the fungus, resulting in a microbiological cure of the nail. Once the nail is cured of infection, new, healthy nail grows in. We're not talking about an ablative procedure where you would somehow ablate off the nail plate.... we're talking about just transmitting light through the plate and heating the tissue as it transmits through, thereby heating and sterilizing the nail plate and the surrounding tissue. Not only is theND: YAG therapy for onychomycosis, according to studies done in Europe, more effective than the oral anti-fungals, it has fewer side effects and has lasting results. We have excellent results in our clinic in treating nail fungus with the Nd: YAG laser!  
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